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Dear Baby Boomers,

By no means do I represent my entire generation; however, I do take pride knowing that I do not fit all of the generalizations and/or stereotypes you have of us millennials. I wouldn’t call myself a pessimist, more a realist. I truly believe, for the most part, that our generations may never see eye to eye. The truth is there are many millennials like me, who not only prove your opinions to be false, we are reaching new heights that have never been seen before. In fact on many levels some of us go above and beyond many individuals from your generation.

Isn’t that really the problem, can’t we just accept the fact that we are not the same and we never will be; therefore, we should just acknowledge our paths to success and happiness will be entirely different. Before the age of 30 I climbed the corporate ladder to CFO and I have reaped the benefits from prioritizing my finances to travel to various places around the world. Yet I am being criticized by many of you for not buying a home and/or starting a family.

A few things have changed since the end of the 20th Century. The world has evolved on so many levels. Unfortunately what was good for the goose is not good for the gander. Gone are the days where an employer will have pension set up for you, and good luck finding a job/employer that one could stay with and/or tolerate for 4 whole decades. I hate to break it to you, most of us developed a love/hate relationship with our employers from watching you complain non-stop about your jobs growing up.

It may surprise some of you, some of us being your children, felt your pain as we watched you endure layoffs and conflicts with your bosses. We grew to understand that the work world was a rat race many of us didn’t want to enter. When you finally reached retirement, we watched as your health deteriorated drastically. From compromising your work over your personal life in order to achieve a picture perfect retirement plan that only so few of you are currently able to enjoy.

As one of the youngest college professors at my school, I prepare my students to be the best in the business world. The reality is, the traditional life plan that was once worshipped by your generation is proven to be all smoke and mirrors. For some of us who followed your life path, page by page from your playbook, many of us are having a hard time staying afloat. The world has changed so much that most of us simply can’t live up to your expectations. It may not be attainable anymore, but realistically it is no longer desired.

With every passing generation, those who will become successful were able to do so by adapting with the times. The advice that is given to millennials from your generation doesn’t exactly fit this changing world. Trust that if some of us are doing something that you think it wild and rebellious, chances are we might be doing something right.

Without nepotism and/or any support, not only do I put in my 40 hours, I am protecting my future by working those hours 2 fold. There are individuals that have surpassed my successes; however, I feel like I am in full control of my life. It is my actions to date, not following the norms of your generation that may ensure that I have a tomorrow to look forward to.

In order for us to work together, we have to acknowledge our differences, while working together. It isn’t like we haven’t taken some of your advice to heart, we are just living in a world that is far different from the world your grew up in.

When you are ready to rest, some of us will be ready to take over your responsibilities.

Thank you understanding.


A Millennial Who May Exceed Your Expectations



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