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It is becoming difficult to believe that Donald Trump is being serious in his election campaign

Could it be possible that Hilary Clinton’s campaign donors are also funding Donald Trump to win the GOP? Donald Trump’s election campaign appears to be turning into an infamous prank similar to a classic Andy Kaufman ruse. Unfortunately, no one is laughing.

Much like the masses believing the trending clickbait headlines of Mark Zuckerberg giving away 90% of his empire to charity, most are content to base their opinions on headlines and cover photos alone. The level of complexity to understand the newly established LLC Mark Zuckerberg created would require advanced knowledge of estate/tax planning and corporate structures. Mark was wise enough to wait for the arrival of his daughter Max, as a PR stunt to mask his strategy of minimizing his exposure for capital gains.

Why is the previous point relevant? When Donald Trump first started his campaign, well before his recent hate campaign against Muslim Americans, he made several racial comments against Mexicans and Latin America. His actions resulted in him losing millions in future revenues from Univision, NBC, and various home decor product lines. Heck even Hollyburn Properties is now feeling the pressure to remove the Trump brand on existing development projects in Vancouver.

One could conclude that he is a person who feels so strong in their convictions that they are willing to put it all on the line to become the President of the United States. When in reality, a logical person could conclude that Donald Trump is earning more than he could from his inferior products just by making an ass out of himself and the GOP.

How is this possible? As much as individuals would like to believe that Corporate America can withdraw from contractual obligations with the Trump Organization, they fail to realize the dire financial consequences that may be awarded to Donald Trump. The reality is NBC, Univision, Serta, and every company that pulled away from the Trump brand most likely paid big time to cut ties. Everyone has a price right? Trump is as successful a business person as TV personality Kevin O’Leary, which doesn’t say much. They are both talking heads who get paid millions to spew BS on TV and are presented as model business people by the media.

Where does Clinton enter this equation? Without Trump, Hilary Clinton might not be as high up the polls as she currently is. An individual wishing to run the “Free World”, who can’t even manage two emails, and who has also been quoted to being as big of a warmonger as George W. Bush. It is tough to sell the American people on an election with a Democrat candidate (Clinton) and a Republican candidate (Jeb! and the majority of the GOP candidates) who equally have a vested interest to remain in the Middle East.

Of 320 million Americans, are the best people for the job actually running?



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