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Are you familiar with the adage, “you are only as good as the company you keep”? If this were true, many individuals may be at a significant disadvantage, eventually living an unfulfilling life. Even worse, many may not be aware of such opportunities to live a better life, because of the company they keep.

So what is Social Incest?

For those who didn’t bother reading this article and went straight to Urban Dictionary, they may find themselves reading this definition:

Dating or having sexual relations within your circle of friends

Not exactly the definition we were aiming for, but it is very similar. Instead of having sexual relations with your circle of friends, social incest is the potential setback where one’s perception of the world, politics, money, sex/sexual orientations,┬áreligion, and even life itself is directly effected by the actions/mannerisms/idiosyncrasies of the individuals they socialize with continuously.

Xenophobia continues to exist in the 21st Century because of the social incest that plagues households across the world.┬áDenis Leary once said in an interview, “Racism isn’t born, folks, it’s taught. I have a two-year-old son. You know what he hates? Naps! End of list.” A direct setback from xenophobia, is depriving one’s self of the cultures they have grown to detest. Because of social incest, an individual whose views have been blinded may be missing out on hours of music and film, food, drinks, and most importantly meeting life long companions of the cultures they ignorantly fear and/or avoid.

Aside from the obvious, when does social incest become destructive to society?

Politics comes to mind. Whether it is at the dinner table or on a Facebook newsfeed, social incest is one of many complex issues to blame for low voter turnout, and worse passive involvement when social injustices occur. Simply being a keyboard warrior does not produce results. Aside from politics, social incest has been a driving factor that has led millions of households into financial hardship from poor money management practices. The landscape of personal finance has drastically changed in the 21st Century with the ease of access to consumer credit. Some may find themselves surrounded by loved ones who accept risking indentured servitude as they attempt to keep up with the Joneses.

Indirectly social incest can be attributed to the manipulation of social groups/classes, via misinformation to cause conflicts that could easily be avoided. A divided society only delays progress; therefore, it is crucial for every individual to internalize if they are affected by social incest. If one discovers their general perception is manipulated by social incest, they should take effective measures to remove the destructive individuals, material, media, and social groups from their everyday life.



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