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We get it, no one works as hard as you, and it is important to let everyone know how much sleep you get each night.

Shortly after the creation of Facebook and Twitter, parents have taken over social media to showcase their obstacles and challenges. From posting their daily sleep routines to reporting the various messes their children made; the daily lives of these new age families are broadcasted daily on millions of news feeds. Sure, parents deserve a medium to communicate with their community; however, some fail to realize that most of their problems don’t need to be broadcasted.

Moving from one generation to the next, many millennials are finding themselves joining the ever growing boomerang phenomenon. Unfortunately, for many millennials they are returning to their parents house with a partner and/or children. It is difficult to determine who to feel worse for. The parents of the millennials who were about to enjoy their twilight years (after working their entire adult lives), or the millennials who have to explain to their friends that their grey haired landlords are actually Mom and Pop.

Depending on the individual it is difficult to determine who is really to blame. Are the parents of the millennial parents to blame for forcing their kids to go to post secondary, only to be loaded with debt with 0 job prospects? Or perhaps it is the millennial parents themselves for deciding to start a family without having the financial resources to raise their children. For many households, grandparents are being asked to do the heavy lifting by assisting their children by co-raising their grandchildren.

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In many households this is a fair trade off, the grandparents get a chance to spend time with their grandchildren while giving their children the opportunity to save money by avoiding overpriced daycare. More importantly, they get to share their wisdom and life experience with the developing minds of their offspring. For retired grandparents that are looking for something to do during their retirement, this could be a blessing in disguise or this can be a financial catastrophe.

With the throngs of parental blogs and publications, the contradictory advice has created a generation of self-important, entitled, know-it-all parents who are quick to impart their parental wisdom online and/or anyone willing to listen to them talk. By misrepresenting the daily lives of real parents, many individuals, spectating from the outside, may be concluding that parenting is not for them. This is somewhat a major social injustice, as the general public opinion of raising a family is being manipulated by those who might not be the best representatives of modern day parenting.

There are many parents out there that are kicking butt. Seldom will you hear them complain about their children, although the odd incident occurs; however, they dedicate their energy by spending less time online complaining and more time raising their children. From a person who doesn’t have children, I have the utmost respect for parents who keep their dirty diapers offline and enjoy sharing their joys of parenting; instead of polluting social media with their daily verbal diarrhea.



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