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Change the way you work forever

This book is a perfect read for anyone working for someone wishing they could start their own venture, as well as those currently running their business that need to revisit their business approach. For those who aren’t active readers, the book provides illustrations and large print that will ease the reading experience. Others who frequent the DIY sections of the library and bookstores will find REWORK an instant classic.


The illustrations throughout the book are simple yet powerful and thought provoking.


Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson, co-authors of REWORK, are the founders of 37Signals. 37Signals started as a web design company 15 years ago and eventually created software internally that eventually evolved to Basecamp. For SME companies, Basecamp is an excellent tool that streamlines communication between various departments. Speaking from experience, it is a solid tool that keeps everyone on the same page.

I came across REWORK at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon where the book sat amongst hundreds of other business development books. Fortunately, the staff at Powell’s Books chose REWORK as a staff pick. From the moment I read the back cover and the inside jacket, I knew I needed to buy this book.

After a decade of accounting I knew I wanted to shift careers, as I no longer had an appetite of managing ledgers of growing companies. I was fortunate to learn so much over the past decade, yet I found myself and my clients hitting similar roadblocks. REWORK is filled with useful advice that had me laughing, wondering, and making effective decisions as I flew through the book.

The authors of REWORK go against the grain with their business advice. The content is credible, as they illustrate how it benefited their business over the past 15 years. For those not wishing to part from their full-time job, REWORK is a great resource for being more productive on the clock; as well, it may help the reader conclude if they need to consider looking for a new employer.

I would recommend this book to any business owner. It is a breath of fresh air for anyone who feels overwhelmed with the prospect of approaching Angel Investors and/or devoting every waking hour to prep their business for an IPO. It is a perfect Sunday read or a weeknight when you need to clear your head.




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