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You will laugh, you will cringe, and you will wonder why North Americans put up with so much crap

Before reading this review, please note whatever you felt of Michael Moore before watching ‘Where to Invade Next’ your opinion will not change afterwards. For those, much like myself, that enjoys Michael Moore’s work, it is safe to conclude that he did not disappoint with Where to Invade Next. With all of the blockbuster hits flooding social media, Where to Invade Next may unfortunately fly below the radar for most individuals. The title alone may confuse most individuals thinking Michael Moore has made a documentary on war profiteering; to save you the trouble of finding the trailer we have provided it below for your viewing pleasure:

Although the movie premiered in 2015, the film is now available in select cities across North America. Where to Invade Next follows Michael Moore appointed by the US military, navy, army, and air force to invade new territories without the use of weapons and armed conflict. Instead of collecting natural resources/commodities, Mr. Moore’s mission is to ‘invade’ countries that may be familiar to most educated North Americans, bringing back their ideas. Ideas that may not be popular to Corporate America, rather favouring those who slave day and night hoping to catch a break once in awhile.

The media in North America does a great job with their propaganda claiming the European Union as a failed socialist state. Ignoring politics, Where to Invade Next focuses on the individuals who live within several European nations, accurately illustrating where the United States desperately needs to improve their priorities. The solution may not be established overnight; however, it is crucial for the majority to see what is out there and realize how much they aren’t saving with lower taxes.

With several individuals clapping at various parts throughout the movie, the average viewer may walk away from this movie a little defeated and conflicted. Currently, most individuals are too busy chasing the American Dream that may not realize that it may only ever be a dream. Where real change can be created working with their neighbour, it may just be easier to pack up and move over to Europe. This movie is perfect for anyone who is feeling stuck within their everyday life.

4 out of 5 stars

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