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An accurate snapshot of the challenges faced by millennials in their 30s

Aziz Ansari stars in this series as Dev Shah, a 32 year old actor living in New York City, looking for his big break into movies & TV. Dev is mostly known for his work on TV commercials (a few references to his Go-Gurt spot); however, he is determined to land a role where he is not typecast as a corner store clerk or taxi driver with an exaggerated Indian accent. When Dev is not attending readings he is enjoying the nightlife and dining culture alongside his friends where they discuss the daily struggle of life, love, and the continuous battle of deciding to settle down into family life.

Master of None is a refreshing change from the action packed prime-time dramas. With only 10 episodes you may find yourself finishing Season One over a weekend, or even a single session. It is safe to assume Netflix will give the green light for Master of None to return for Season Two. Unlike other TV series filmed in New York, Master of None goes against the grain by not using the ‘Big Apple’ for cheap jokes and exhausting cliches. To cater to a larger audience outside of NYC, it is great leaving New York as a backdrop instead of co-starring.

For any individual that grew up in a household with parents that immigrated from a different country, Season 1 Episode 2 Parents may have you calling home and/or give your parents the biggest hug. Aziz Ansari’s biological parents play the roles of Ramesh, Dev’s father (Shoukath Ansari) and Nisha, Dev’s mother (Fatima Ansari), which adds wonderfully to the main story of Dev and his friend Brian (Kelvin Yu) trying to learn more about their parents’ childhood. The episode covers Ramesh’s journey from India to New York, as well as Peter (Brian’s father) who immigrates to America from Taiwan.

Mainly late 20s, early 30s millennials will appreciate the humour in Master of None. It illustrates the subtle differences between baby boomers and millennials without patronizing one or the other. For anyone that is still trying to figure their life out and feel they are the only one, Master of None will prove they are not alone. This is a perfect Netflix series for anyone who has settled down and wants to relish in witnessing the headaches of single life they no longer have to deal with.

This series may or may not be ideal for Netflix and Chill sessions; however, it is overall a great series.

5 out of 5 stars



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