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I remember when Facebook was in its infancy, it was an exciting time to connect with people from my past and present. As I traveled throughout my 20s, Facebook was an easy way to stay in touch with random individuals who became lifelong friends; as well, it was a great way to organize events with minimal effort. Unfortunately, Facebook slowly became a soapbox for individuals who can’t seem to cope with everyday problems that didn’t really require public awareness.

Some may have a difficult time pondering how is it possible for an individual to not have a Facebook account; however, I envy those individuals that have been able to keep away. The Facebook I was once happy to admit that I was addicted to, has become an annoying habit that I really need to quit. The problem isn’t Facebook itself, rather it is the online culture that has cultivated into a soul sucking self pity party for anyone who desires to be in the spotlight 24/7.

Honestly, I love reading status updates where my friends are sharing their recent successes (big or small); however, my newsfeed is polluted with non-stop bickering of crap that really isn’t important. Sure, everyone can have a bad day once in awhile; however, how many Mondays in a row can you really write “UGHHHH It’s Monday again, I hate my job :(” before people stop caring about your poor life choices.

In a perfect world online communities would spend more time liking and sharing positive messages, and ignoring messages that aren’t productive. We get it, you are the only parent in the world that is having a difficult time raising your kids. These messages eventually fall onto deaf ears when these repeat complainers are online enough that they could’ve better spent their time fixing their problems offline.

The irony is not lost on me that I am shaming those who use social media to rant about their day; however, I would gladly take back all the status updates that have been previously forced off FB by many who have complained directly and/or passive aggressively via memes (i.e. Willy Wonka knows what is best). Most of us may be guilty about complaining about others sharing the following status updates; however, it is time that we welcome them back, especially the following:

  1. Going for a workout and/or just finishing a workout.
    • With obesity being an actual epidemic today, as well as numerous other cardiovascular diseases plaguing the world, it is refreshing to know that my friends are taking care of themselves. It is comical that the ones who usually complain about others going to the gym are most likely the ones that should consider going themselves.
  2. Sharing pictures of meals that someone has prepared. 
    • Some people eat out more than they should; therefore, we should reward those who cook their meals. Seeing what others make, encourages me to try new recipes and get out of my comfort zone in the kitchen.
  3. Sharing a life milestone, no matter how big or small. 
    • Finished reading a book (for those who never read)? Ran a longer distance and made a new record (no matter how short it is)? Came across a life changing epiphany? People should be able to share their successes without scrutiny; however, if your friends are always giving you a hard time it might be time for new friends.

Anybody remember BitStrips? I loved those comic strips, whether I was apart of them or not, it was a great app that brought a smile to my face. After a few weeks of the app exploding, the negative comments came in and ruined the party for everyone. I really loved that some of my friends were so annoyed that they needed to threaten ‘Unfriending’ those who kept posting BitStrips. Not many people consider how much time and resources goes into creating these features. Why should they, it may not benefit them in knowing this information.

It is safe to assume that some individuals would prefer that they remain in the spotlight 24/7. These individuals fail to understand that social media platforms like Facebook are meant for others to share their thoughts and opinions. Fortunately, Facebook did make my life easier on their site by allowing me to unfollow any of my friend’s updates that I don’t need to see anymore without ‘unfriending’ them. A feature that has kept me returning to Facebook; however, it might be only a matter of time before I call it quits for good.



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